Is there really a Claw-Footed snake?

I saw a small blurb about it at work today.



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    Yes! There actually is a claw-footed snake. Scientists believe this is a mutation of genes rather than a species of snake with a claw. A woman in China recently killed one that is now being studied by scientists.

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    A woman in Southwest China found a snake with a clawed limb sticking out of its side. The woman apparently beat the snake to death with her shoe and then preserved it in a jar of alcohol. Autopsies are being done on the snake to determine if it is indeed a mutation, or if it’s simply a hoax. But some snakes have remains of hips and vestigial remnants of limbs, and all snakes have the genomes containing the DNA needed to produce limbs. Pollution has already been shown to cause similar mutations to structural genes in frogs so it is possible.

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