Is there a purple land animal?



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    Yes, there are several purple land animals.
    These include the Purple Gallinule, Dingy Purplewing, Violet-tailed Sylph, Fridman’s Dottyback, Violet Whistling-Thrush, American Black Duck, Sparkling Violetear, and others. However, non of these appear to be mammals.

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    The Blesbok is an African antelope that is rumored to be the world’s only naturally purple animal. It’s a bit of a stretch because the animals appear in photos to be reddish-brown. They are very rare; total population is about 120,000.

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    The Purple Land Crab is an animal so purple and so commonly found on the land that both of those attributes wound up in its name! Aside from being purple and land-living, one of its major attributes is its amazingly sensitive spectrum eyes, which are very sensitive to sunlight and show the animal a variety of different views at all times.


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