Is there proof that the Megalodon really existed?



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    Megalodon was the largest shark ever to exist, estimated to have been at least 40 feet long, at least twice the size of the largest known shark today. It is second only to the sperm whale in the largest ocean predator that has ever lived. Its size has been judged by reconstructions of its jaw, which are based on the only found evidence of the Megalodon: its teeth. Megalodon teeth have been found all over the world, from North America to New Zealand. 

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    Scientists don’t disagree that the Megalodon existed. Indeed, it is an extinct species of megatoothed shark that existed approximately 25 to 1.5 million years ago. The controversy lies in that some people have reported recent sightings of the Megalodon. Evidence for the creature’s existence lies principally in partially-preserved skeletal remains. These remains indicate the enormous size of the shark.

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