Is there a practical reason to jaguars and other wild cats?



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    I’m not certain what you mean by “practical” – is there a ‘practical’ reason for any species? – so I’ll speak to the essential role of jaguars in their respective ecosystems.

    In addition to carrion, jaguars as the top predators of their ecosystems consume as many as 85 different species of prey. The role of a jaguar in its ecosystem can include everything from eliminating weaker or sickly prey (and thereby eliminating their genes from the gene pool) to keeping prey populations in check (thereby preserving balance in the ecosystem). These are just two of the myriad functions any particular species in a food web may have.

    According to Eduardo Carrillo, researcher at the National University of Costa Rica and Director of the WCS’ Jaguar Conservation Program for Mesoamerica:

    “The presence of the jaguar is an unequivocal sign that the ecosystem is healthy…The extinction of a species such as the jaguar ‘would bring secondary extinction, and the process would lead to the transformation of the structure and composition of the forests’ ” (see here).

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    The plants and animals in ecosystems evolved together for millions years, each creature having countless complicated relationships with many others. Therefore, each ecosystem is very delicate. When we remove one species, it can have very serious impacts on others.  Removing jaguars, for example, could cause the population of wild pigs to explode, which would decimate plants growing in the forests (because there are too many pigs eating them), which would harm the other animals that depend on those plants. 

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