Is there a practical alternative to factory farms?



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    Localized small-scale farming and ranching are not only practical, but maybe the only alternatives in the long run. While the world around us is arguably “advancing” – technologically, logistically, and ideologically, we may not be so from the resource standpoint. The idea of a national crisis surrounding oil depletion, placing our lives in standstill, is not a new one. Building self-sufficient communities now maybe the only preparation we need. As for small-scale localized ranching, it is currently a very challenging “business” to thrive in, as mass-produced live-stock “factories” are using every means possible, often extremely inhumane, to increase efficiency and consequentially profits. Many small and mid-scale farmers and ranchers around the country receive high-yield-demand contracts that are nearly impossible to achieve without animal maltreatment and very expensive equipment. We need to see a change, but as long as profit is the bottom line, it will not happen on its own.

    I would highly recommend Food Inc. if you haven’t seen it yet.

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