is there a possibility that it starts to snow in the tropical areas someday ?



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    Radical shifts in weather patterns and atmospheric conditions would have to happen in order for snow to fall in the tropics.  This is due in large part to the consistent angle the sun shines on the tropics, year round.  Climate change is not supposed to be immediate, and it’s effects are still at this point speculative.  Basically, the atmosphere would have to be so thick, that a heavily reduced amount of sunlight would reach the earth’s surface in the tropics to compensate for the angle it hits at in order to bring the temperature down below freezing.

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    “Someday” is a long time. We don’t fully understand the mechanics of ice ages. Possible? Certainly. Likely? Not very, barring catastrophes like nuclear winter or asteroid impact, and very much not likely in any scale like hundreds of years, given the valid points indicated by guyonthewing.

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