Is there a plant you can grow inside someone’s body?



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    apart from fungal infections, nothing comes to mind. However, there is a 2010 article about a Massachusetts man with a half-inch pea plant growing inside his lung.

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    Besides the bizarre case of a pea pod growing inside a man’s lung, there is no plant that can live in the human body.  Plants are photoautotrophs, meaning they derive their energy from sunlight via photosynthesis.  Obviously, this would not be possible within the human body. 

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    Plants don’t grow in the human body.  However, you do have trillions of bacteria living on and inside your body.  In fact, you have ten times as many bacteria as human cells!  

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    I also found a story about a man that had a small fir tree growing in his lung. There also may be rumors that this was a hoax, but then maybe it wasn’t. Scary though!

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