Is there a pipeline from the tar sands to the United States?



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    Obama recently confirmed that the tar sands pipeline will not continue it’s project from Canada to the Gulf coast. The $7 billion project will want to continue it’s course down in the U.S., but environmental groups and petition will prohibit that from happening. 

    So currently we have no tar sand pipelines in the United States because of the hault of the Keystone XL.  

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    Yes, there’s the Keystone pipeline that runs from the Alberta tar sands to Oklahoma and Illinois. There are plans to expand on this pipeline through the Keystone XL project, a hotly debated environmental issue. These construction plans would create another route to Oklahoma, as well as to Texas, with plans for additional extensions to Montana and North Dakota.

    Due to the facts that tar sands oil extraction is notoriously dirty, that wildlife can be disrupted by this project, that 12 oil spills have already occurred because of the original Keystone pipeline, that the devastation that oil spills can bring has been widely publicized, that the proposed new pipeline would cross the main U.S. source of groundwater – the Ogallala aquifer, and that this would further the U.S.’s dependence on foreign countries, many groups have been working to halt this new pipeline project.

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