Is there paper made from hemp?



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    Yes, and hemp paper has a niche market. It saves trees, and the cellulose fibres that the hemp plant provides (which help to create the paper) are much stronger than those used for paper created from wood. It’s a great alternative!

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    Without getting too political, not only is hemp paper stronger than regular paper, one of the drafts of the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper! Federal law gives hemp the same classification as marijuana, though hemp doesn’t have the active ingredient (THC) which gets you high. There are a number of states that have limited hemp production laws but by and large, it’s illegal. The US is the only industrialized nation where hemp is still illegal, yet you can legally import and sell hemp. There is a bill in Congress proposed by Ron Paul to legalize hemp production in the US, which will create a ton of jobs. Here’s to hoping!

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    Yes! Hemp paper is produced by several companies. You can buy it in many stores and definitely online. Amazon even sells hemp paper. It costs a bit more, but the sustainability that hemp provides is worth it.

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