Is there organic sea food?



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    Not exactly.  These terms haven’t been defined so anything that claims to be an organic seafood company may be greenwashing, or else they have decided their own terms.  Furthermore, if seafood is called organic (if the FDA decides on a labeling procedure), this also means that everything so labeled will be farm-raised because wild animals can’t be called organic.  There is a company called Blue Horizon Organic which sells sustainably raised seafood and calls itself organic because it uses organic ingredients to season the seafood.  But the seafood itself is not “organic.”

    If you are trying to do the right thing by the environment when it comes to seafood, the best thing you can do is make sure what you are eating is not overfished.  Print out a seafood guide card, preferably one suited to your area of the country/world, and use it when you go to restaurants and the grocery store.  Here is a good one:

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