Is there Oil on any of the other planets?



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    Potentially. It’s started to be found on earth in basement rock, a level never touched by dinosaurs and prehistoric plants, and a layer that could not contain fossils (hence fossil fuels). If fossils aren’t actually required, then planets with elements such as methane in their atmospheres, like Jupiter and Saturn, could potentially somehow have oil within them as well.

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    The oil in White Tiger Field discussed in the article cited in the other answer is of biological origin. It is unusual, but by no means impossible to find oil in fractured basement rock, volcanics, and anything else with appropriate porosity and permeability. The original organic-rich sediments that generated the oil simply have to be lower than the uplifted basement or other rocks, and this is not that big a deal.

    To put it bluntly, life WAS required to create the oil discussed in that article.

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    As far as the planets in our solar system go, it is not really known, nor anywhere else for that matter. I’m never one to say never, as it could possibly exist on other planets. If sometime in the future we do find oil on another planet, I would hope by that point there is no longer a need or want to use crude oil as an energy source. We don’t really use conventional oil for space travel, and I would hope by the time we are able to travel to another planet to even dig and drill for oil, we will have replaced it with a more efficient and clean energy source. 

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