Is there a north pole?



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    Yes. The north pole is the point on the Earth where the Earth’s axis meets the Earth’s surface. It defines the direction of true north. Here is more information.

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    Yes, their are two types of north poles though; a geographic North Pole and a magnetic North Pole.

    The geographic North Pole is the actual most northern point on Earth located on Earth’s axis.
    The magnetic North Pole is continually moving based on the Earth’s magnetic field. Right now it is hundreds of miles south of the geographic north pole.

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    Not so much in the way of a physical pole sticking out of the middle of the Arctic icesheet, but yes, there is a north pole. The north pole is the uppermost point of the Earth’s axis of rotation. It’s also where all our imaginary lines of longitude meet at one point.

    You can take a look at the north pole (or its general area) from the NOAA cam set up there. It’s not particularly exciting though. No reindeer or elves or anything. 🙁

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