Is there no air in a vacuum?



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    For all intents and purposes, that’s correct.  A vacuum is empty of matter, or has so little matter that the pressure of its contents is far below atmospheric pressure.

    The vacuum you use to clean your house, however, is not empty of air.  It simply creates low pressure in a chamber so that the atmosphere pushes dirt in.

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    A vacuum comes extremely close to being free from all matter, including gas, but never actually comes completely matter free, or what scientists refer to as a perfect vacuum. It exists only in theory.

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    Vacuum is a funny thing because if something is joined by vacuum it is basically joined by nothing because it’s empty. And yet you can not undo it, because the air pressure from the atmosphere is far to great. Undoing such joining can be achieve by either pressurizing the vacuum, or using a lot of force. 

    To some extent the phenomenon of sinking with a car in water resembles the vacuum as you can not open the door because of the outside pressure. The inside of the vacuum resembles the inside of the car in that case. 

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