Is there a natural way to help me fall asleep at night?



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    Valerian is one of the most common natural sleep aids. Valarian is a plant native to Europe and Asia. Its sleep inducing components are not well understood, but it was believed to have been in use at least since the time of ancient Greece.

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    A natural way to fall asleep would be to listen to soft music or to meditate. Both of these options will allow an individual to relax and become calm, hopefully inducing sleep.

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    Lavender scent is known to calm people. Use a lavender scented skin moisturizer or light a lavender scented candle to help relax and fall asleep more easily.

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    Drinking a hot beverage before bed, such as tea or hot milk also may help.

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    A method I’ve recommended to a few friends, which has come back with good reviews, is to listen to tracks of rainfall as you go to sleep softly. The ambient noise has a way of allowing you to fade into a restful sleep. Trying to imagine it is real rain has a hypnotic sort of affect, and having nothing but the one sound of soft rain falling you can imagine is very soothing and lets you block out a lot of jumbled thoughts.

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