is there a natural product that can help easily to remove scars?



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    Well, if there was, then plastic surgeons would go out of business. Think about it.

    One natural product that has helped me with burns, minor scars is aloe vera. Every home should have a plant. It’s just good stuff, and topically, on the skin, you can use as much as you want, for whatever reason.

    I’m not an especially vain person, but as I get older, I really don’t care to have people making value judgments about me on account of wrinkles. So I stooped to buying what seemed to be a reliable anti-wrinkle cream. The way it works may be of interest to you.

    It’s called Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion. According to Wired magazine, which every issue likes to expose the active ingredients in a product, the active ingredients are acids and other stuff that eat away at skin, causing it to regenerate faster.

    Is that going to fix a scar? My guess is it will help.

    Does the product actually work? I couldn’t swear that it does, because I get tired of bothering with it. But my guess is yes, it works. Acid is acid. If it burns away the skin (in a gentle way) then the skin must respond, somehow. Makes sense to me.

    Oh, and I don’t think one would call this Neutrogenia a “natural product” by any stretch of the imagination.


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    As mentioned above, depending on the scar tissue, it may not be possible to completely remove the scar without some kind of laser invasive surgery. However, I’ve listed a website below that reviews scar removal cream products that may help in reducing the appearance of the scar. Again, it depends on the scar you have. If it is a huge, deep gash that healed wrong, I doubt any amount of cream will make it go away, but things like redness can possibly be alleviated with topical cream/gel products.

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