is there a natural adhesive which won’t melt when candle wax is poured onto it?

I need to stick candle wick sustainers to the bottom of glasses into which I will pour molten wax. I need a natural adhesive that won’t melt when the wax hits it.



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    The melt point of paraffin molding wax is 60 – 62 degrees Celsius (about 140 F), and I haven’t seen an natural adhesive with a higher melt point than 65 C, like STARFLEX jelly glue, for example. Since their melt temperatures are so close, I would try using a wax that has a lower melt point, like certain paraffin waxes, which melts at 55 C (check out this link).Different waxes have different melt points. The drawback is that “meltier” wax candles are going to burn faster than others made from wax with high melt points.

    You might actually just try pouring wax onto the adhesive and see what happens. Wax cools so quickly it might not even make a difference.

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