Is there more of a supply or demand for solar energy?



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    Unfortunately, I think right now there is more of a supply of solar equipment/ technology than we have demand. Most people are not willing to pay the high up front costs of installing solar panels, and until the prices come down, it’s going to remain that way. But more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, so perhaps there is hope for demand to rise as more people take it upon themselves to do whatever is possible to offset carbon emissions and cut back on the amount of energy we get from non-renewable sources! If I were president I’d try to make it so the credit for green technologies (like home-installed solar energy systems) was for like 75 percent of the cost, then solar panel companies would be running out of product faster than they could manufacture them… oil and coal companies would hate me though! But in the end I think they’d realize that I would be helping them out too!

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