Is there more oil in Alaska than any other state?



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    Yes. The problem is it’s in a wildlife refuge area. That’s not a popular area to start drilling for oil! Another consideration is offshore California, while it may not have as much as Alaska there is much more than recently expected.

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    Alaska does have a lot of oil that has yet to be tapped due to the wild life refuge. Currently Texas is the top producer of oil producing 5.7 trillion cubic feet of gas. 

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    There is no known oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Reasonable guesses and projections suggest as much as 10 billion barrels recoverable (that is less than Prudhoe Bay held) but none is confirmed and cannot be confirmed until drilling takes place. It is likely that the deep water Gulf of Mexico contains more oil than the speculated oil in ANWR. 

    Also, Texas is not the top producer of oil, Louisiana is with 1.52 millon barrels per day. TX is #2 at 1.395 million b/d. CA is third, AK is fourth, and ND is fifth.

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