Is there more gender equality in green jobs?



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    This is an important question; because the most common stereotype of a “green job” involves installing solar panels, building wind turbines, or other types of construction work, many people are seriously concerned that most green jobs will materialize in traditionally male-dominated industries. It’s important to keep in mind that green jobs do not have to be about construction – a green job can mean anything from growing food on an organic farm to educating children about the environment. However, construction will be an important part of building the green economy, and it’s essential that programs be established to train women in green construction, and ensure that all genders benefit from green jobs. If this is done correctly, the green economy may even provide women with a chance to break into historically male-dominated construction work; because male and female workers alike will need to be re-trained in new, greener, construction technologies, the green economy could put both genders on a more even footing in the future.

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