Is there a more eco-friendly way to curl my hair than with a curling iron?



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    Yes. One method requires scraps of fabric and nothing else.

    You can find the video with instructions here:

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    You can also braid your hair wet then let it dry! But you have to be good at braiding.

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    I’ve done both ways to curl my very thick, heavy, straight hair and I have found that if you use a product with the above two methods it works like a charm. Mousse works great for me when my hair is wet.

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    You can always use hair curlers or rollers.


    It takes a little time, but if you set your wet hair in curlers, wrap it up and leave it overnight, the next morning you’ll have either tight curls (if the rollers are thin) or soft waves (if the rollers are bigger, like the ones above). I used to help my roommate put her thick, straight hair in lots of thin curlers, and the next morning she had bunches of curly hair.

    Video here:


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    This is the headband method. Personally, I’ve found that this works a lot better with longer hair. If you have shorter hair, then you’ll probably get more of a pin curl/flapper look.

    This method uses a paper bag, but it also works with cloth strips, maybe from an old t-shirt. Then you can reuse the cloth strips.

    With both of these methods, they don’t really work for me because I have already curly hair.

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