Is there a more eco friendly alternative to coffee?



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    The best alternative is to switch to Organic Fair Trade Coffee. There are a variety of roasters that specialize in this kind of coffee and it is available in some specialty markets, or online (just google it). It is better for the environment because it is grown organically, and it is better socially because the coffee growers and roasters are guaranteed fair payment so that they can make a living. 

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    What about tea?  According to research done in the UK, the amount of energy that goes into the process of making a cup of coffee, and therefore the amount of CO2 it technically releases is more than that of a cup of (green) tea.

    Experts found that 4 cups of black tea each day (boiling only as much water as you need) equals 30kg of CO2 per year (the same as a 40 mile drive in an average sedan).  Three large lattes on the other hand produced almost 20x that much carbon — equivalent to traveling half-way across Europe by plane!

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