Is there more biodiversity in coral reefs or rain forests?



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    Both are extremely biodiverse environments, but unfortunately there is no standard way of measuring biodiversity. The both support some of the most complex and species-rich ecosystems on the planet, and both types of environments’ biodiversity is threatened by human-caused factors.

    Although theres no standard calculation for biodiversity, there are different ways to evaluate it, such as by genetic variation richness, species diversity, taxonomic diversity, and surrogate relationships among these other types of diversity.

    Another reason it’s so hard to measure the biodiversity of a reef to a rainforest is because only a small fraction of the life present in either has been discovered and catagorized. This, combined with the rate of species extinction makes it impossible to come to a reliable estimate.

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    langg is right that it is difficult to quantify biodiversity. Still, in terms of number of known or theorized species, “although tropical rainforests contain more species than coral reefs, reefs contain more phyla than rainforests” (see link below).

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