Is there a monetary value to a tree?



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    There is a monetary value to just about everything and anything now. Trees can be harvested for lumber or paper use, and if you can find a market for it there will be a demand depending on the type of tree, wood quality and a variety of other factors. different trees have different applications, and depending on what it will be used for the cost/pay will vary.

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    The timber or wood a tree can produce is measured in something called board feet. This changes with the species of tree. Soft and abundant woods like pine tend to be very cheap while hard are rare woods like redwood or oak are more expensive. This measurement allows loggers to assign an economic value to trees before they harvest them to see if they can make a profit. However, it is much harder to measure their intrinsic and ecological value in monetary forms. It is easy to say this tree will bring in ‘x’ amount of dollars and justify cutting it down. It is much harder to say this tree is worth ‘x’ amount of dollars because it can remove CO2 from the air, make a home for many animals, provide shade and energy to the ecosystem and keep the forest in tact. This is why it is very hard to make an economic justification to stop logging al together because these characteristcs are difficult to quantify in monetary values.

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