Is there a lot of pollution in the water surrounding a ship or plane wreck?



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    That all depends on how big the ship or plane is, what they were carrying, and what kind/how much fuel was on board. If it is an oil tanker, that is nuclear powered, then yes you can imagine there would be a lot of pollution surrounding the accident. If however it is a single propeller, 1 person airplane, then probably not. It all depends on the scale of the accident, and the scale of the vessel.

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    depending on the cargo and the vessel it can be catastrophic. When oil tankers spill entire ecosystems can be in danger. factors such as the amount of jet fuel on board, the materials on board the aircraft, the location of the accident and the materials on the ground that might combust as a result of the accident and thereby cause pollution. kerosene is the main ingredient in jet fuel and it is not seen as particularly toxic but it can increase air pollution.

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