Is there a lot of sunscreen in public swimming pools?



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    Usually the chlorine in the water should break down any residual sunscreen oils in the water. Proper maintenance of the pool will also keep the water cleaner.

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    I found a study published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology in 2010 that studied the effectiveness of a new method to remove sunscreen compounds from swimming pool water. The method is called photoeletrocatalytic oxidation and is done by zapping the water with electrodes irradiated by UV light. Under certain circumstances, this method of treating sunscreen in the water was 100% effective at degrading the substances, and the authors concluded that “the method could be an excellent alternative method to produce truly clean water.” This implies that there does tend to be sunscreen residual in the water, and that there are certain methods out there to get rid of it, but this method might be better. You can read an abstract of the study at the link below.

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