Is there a lot of moisture in clouds?



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    There are many different kinds of clouds. Clouds are classified by their elevation, and also by their shape. Stratus clouds are layered. Cumulus clouds are the fluffy, cotton ball-like clouds. Cirrus are the thin, wispy clouds. Depending on the type of cloud you are talking about, it is going to have a different level of moisture.

    Clouds appear when the air contains the maximum amount of water vapor, or gas, that it can hold. This is called the saturation point.

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    Absolutely – indeed, one of the ways clouds are formed is when a unit of air holds the maximum amount of moisture that it can. This causes the unit of air to reach it’s “saturation point” (at which point the water droplets in the unit of air become visible) and form a cloud. The same is true of fog – in fact, fog is simply clouds at a lower altitude  (specifically, a cloud at lower than 50 feet).

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