Is there a lot of mercury in the Ocean?



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    I couldn’t find evidence that there is more mercury in the oceans than any other toxin, but clearly it is there, and the issue is that mercury is a particularly nasty contaminant when it finds its way into the oceans. A major source of mercury contamination is from coal-fired power plants. The power plants emit particulates into the atmosphere which fall to earth (and the sea) as rain, which trickles down into rivers and eventually to the ocean. When mercury gets into water it is converted by bacteria in the water into methylmercury which is very poisonous. Once it’s in the water, mercury finds its way into the bodies of fish, which we humans then consume. Almost all our fish contains some amount of mercury. Although it won’t cause health problems in most people, pregnant women should definitely avoid seafood because of the risk the mercury may pose for unborn babies.

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    Yes, there is a lot of mercury in the ocean as long as industries that produce or make use of mercury still empty their wastes into water bodies. Mercury does not evaporate nor decompose; so it continue its way until it gets to the ocean where it cannot move again except some aquatic organisms swallow them alongside with their food.

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