Is there a lot of dirt on your veggies before you wash them?



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    It really depends on where you get your veggies.  Homegrown veggies plucked right out of the garden will definitely have a lot of dirt on them before you wash them.  Vegetables bought form the grocery store might not have as much dirt on them.  Most of the high end grocery stores will probably wash them before displaying them and refresh them with water to keep them from going bad.  The best thing to do is definitely wash your veggies before you want to cook them just to make sure you are getting rid of as much dirt and other residue as possible.

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    There were some instances of e.coli outbreak that came from eating unwashed spinach in 2006.  It’s always a good idea to wash fruits and vegetables before eating them.  Even coming from high end grocery stores, they could have been in the open air for the whole day, leaving opportunity for dirt and other contaminants to settle.

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