Is there a lot of pollution created during Burning Man?



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    Part of the founding principles of Burning Man includes leaving no trace that people were ever there, so there is very little waste generated and the area is well cleaned-up. However, the event does generate a fairly high amount of air pollution between the vehicles used to get there and the burning itself. In response, scientists have created Cooling Man, an online calculator for air pollution created during the event, and participants are encouraged to take measures to produce as little personal pollution as possible.

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    Burning Man has some effect on global warming. In 2007, the 99 foot oil derrick consumed 900 gallons jet fuel and 2,000 gallons of liquid propane and blasted a mushroom cloud 300 feet high into the sky. The CoolingMan organization was created to calculate how much greenhouse gases Burning Man participants will create. Their website suggests that the Burners can offset the damage by planting trees or investing in alternative energy solutions. 

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