Is there a list of products I should not throw away with the rest of my trash?



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    It varies with your trash collectors, but you recycle electronics at e-waste recycling facilities, and same with motor oil for sure. I found a random list, which probably applies to many garbage pick up companies that states the following items must be brought to the facility for disposal:

    # Automobile Tires
    # Brake Fluid
    # Batteries
    # Driveway Sealer
    # Fire Extinguishers
    # Fluorescent lights bulbs
    # Insect spray cans
    # Mercury and lead sheets
    # Paint
    # Pool chemicals
    # Propane tanks and propane torches
    # Thermometers
    # Transmission Fluid

    I would check with your own garbage service for verification of what should and should not be disposed of with regular trash.

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    It varies depending on your state and municipality, so check with your local government to be completely sure. But in general, the following items should not be thrown in the trash: bulky items, hazardous waste, medical waste, tires, batteries, liquid waste, microwaves, florescent bulbs, e-waste (computers, printers), yard waste, and heavy rigid metal.

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