Is there a link between Wal-Mart and Obesity rates?



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    According to a study by the University of North Carolina Greensboro, “for every Walmart that opened per 100,000 residents, the obesity rate increased by 2.3 percentage points.” So, yes, there is some correlation between the number of Wal-marts and the obesity of Americans.

    However, because of data like this, Wal-mart has started to make an effort to stock their stores with healthier food. Wal-mart has set goals for their store brand, including reducing sodium in their deli meats and reducing sugar in fruit- and dairy-based drinks.  

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    Interestingly, First Lady Michelle Obama has had much to do with Wal-mart’s efforts to provide healthier food choices. She has met with Wal-mart executives to launch an initiative aimed at making healthful food available, higly visible, and affordable to low-income customers. “The plan includes reducing sodium and sugar in some foods, lowering prices on produce and developing a logo so customers can more easily identify healthful items.”

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