Is there a law against feeding pigeons in the park?



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    I don’t know your specific park regulations or the regulations of any park near you, so you would have to check with your city or parks and rec. ordinances to know.  However, many parks do have laws against this – including New York City.  Pigeons do cause quite a lot of damage with excrement all over benches, statues, cars and other structures which also results in a large cost for clean up.

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    In some areas, action can be taken against someone for pigeon feeding, as some consider this to be a public nuisance, as it increases the amount of pigeons and therir droppings. It seems to be on a case-by-case basis though, only being outlawed in certain public areas or if they present a specific trouble.

    Venice has banned feeding feral pigeons in parts of the city.

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    Langg and Valkyrie are correct. You may want to check to see if your local park has any signs posted that prohibit feeding pigeons and/or other wildlife. Some towns have banned feeding wildlife altogether. An example is Morris, NJ, where violators can be fined from $50-$500 for failure to obey this ordinance.


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