Is there an industry that can be blamed for ocean acidification?



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    No one industry can be blamed for ocean acidification. Ocean acidification occurs as a result of higher atmospheric CO2 levels, which nearly all industries share some blame for. It has the same source of problems as climate change.

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    Ocean acidification is caused by carbon dioxide, which is released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, especially in cars, heavy industry, and during the production of cement. This problem has developed over time, starting with the Industrial Revolution, and has been worsened by deforestation around the globe–since trees help absorb extra CO2 in the atmosphere. The affects of ocean acidification are not entirely known, but scientists have found evidence that changes in the ph levels of the ocean are happening faster than ocean-dwelling plants and animals can adapt to them, thus threatening the health and biodiversity of the ocean. The ocean also helps to mitigate the greenhouse affect by absorbing excess CO2 in the air, although if ocean acidification grows worse, we might start to see a decline in the ocean’s ability to effectively clean earth’s atmosphere.

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