is there heaven and hell?



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    There is no way to give a definitive answer to this question.  I personally do not believe there is a heaven and hell.  I’m an agnostic scientist.  I feel that while I don’t believe it doesn’t exist, the truth is there is absolutely no way for me to know the truth.  The only way anyone can know the absolute truth is when they die. 

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    There has been no peer-reviewed evidence of either Heaven or Hell.  Like jenlkinney, I personally do not believe that Heaven and Hell exist.  Of course, when dealing with massive theological concepts like Heaven and Hell, it’s difficult for me to give a definitive answer despite my fairly solid personal convictions.  Are Heaven and Hell like the otherworldly domains described in Dante’s Divine Comedy?  Would such places, if they existed, be of the same universe as the one we live in and observe?  Are they different for different people?  Would they be physical locations at all?  It’s a fascinating, big question, but I don’t forsee any satisfactory answers coming in for a very, very long time if ever.

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