There has to be something negative about green energy, what are some of them?



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    One concern about renewable power is that “renewable” and “green” are used interchangeably but do not necessarily mean the same thing. For example, nuclear power is touted as green and is even supported by one of the founders of Greenpeace. There will likely be many more nuclear plants in our nation’s future, and as of yet we have no–I repeat, no–long-term storage plan for nuclear waste. Also, it is quite difficult to push other nations to abandon their nuclear programs when we aren’t willing to do so. There have been and no doubt will be further accidents because of nuclear power–and there’s nothing at all environmentally friendly about that.

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    Green energy facilities require land to build upon, and can change the distribution and abundance of wildlife species found in the local ecosystem where they are built. Some issues that have been brought up with wind turbines are that they cause visual disturbance, create noise pollution, create electro magnetic fields, and can kill birds and bats that fly into them. Everything comes with a price, and in the case of renewable energy sources the benefits far out weight the costs.

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    New energy infrastructure will likely require new equipment made out of more new materials. The sad part is that much of the old infrastructure will have to be completely replaced because they are obsolete. This creates a lot of waste, but this would have to happen for any of the benefits of green or renewable energy to become a reality. This is also true for the batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles. These batteries are being produced, and eventually may be produce on a mass scale, but we have not yet set a way to dispose of them or recycle them. This will mean even more waste will be created.

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