Is there a green way to shop?



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    Buy local foods, and use a reusable bag to tote your groceries.

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    The best ways to shop “green” when at the grocery store is to buy local produce from local farmers. Also, using reusable bags whenever possible helps in cutting down on waste from paper and plastic bags. Also, buying organic produce and products that were packaged in recycled products helps to support a greener way of selling groceries. When shopping clothes or cars, or anything for that matter, supporting ecologically responsible industries and sustainable energy is the best way to ensure an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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    Planning can help you be green!  Decide before you go what you need and where you’ll go to get it.  Then, figure out where the stores are located so that you can make the most efficient trip possible (the shortest distance between two stores is a straight line) and don’t waste gas, time and energy running around and backtracking to get all your shopping done.  Also, try to walk as much as possible.  Depending on where you live, stores are often in the same shopping center or complex but on different sides.  Instead of walking, everyone gets in their cars and drives across the parking lot — not very green people!  Plus, that extra exercise is never a bad thing.  

    Also, in your planning stage, figure out which stores you can get the most items at so you don’t waste time running around to many different stores, picking up one item at each stop.  Many times people will do this to save money because they can get a cheaper version at different stores but be wary of how much you’re actually saving compared to the time and gas $$$ (that stuff adds up!) that you’re using running your butt around town to 10 different stores! 

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    Pay attention to lables—what’s in the food you’re buying and how it is produced. Try to buy as much fair trade, organic, non-gmo, and sustainably grown items. Also, pay attention how much you are buying how much you will actually need. Throwing away food—even biodegradable products—isn’t green. It only goes into landfills, not to mention the coming predicted food shortages.

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