Is there a green way to kill insects?



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    There are many green ways to kill insects, and it all depends on the insect.  You can always choose insecticides that do not have pesticides in them.  Also, cornmeal or grits is a great remedy if you have home insects.  It’s much like what happens to birds when they eat rice, once they get a little water in their stomachs and it expands nature will do the rest.  If you are speaking more of a specific insect, I could try to help more.

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    It really depends on different types of insects, for example, there is an interesting way to get rid of ants in a green and natural way. All you need to do is sprinkle Cream of Wheat where the ants are traveling. The ants will carry the particles away to eat, and when they do eat it, their bodies won’t be able to digest it and will simply blow up. So this is a great way to dispose of ants without using harmful chemicals and such. 

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    Mix liquid dish detergent and water in a sprayer.  Spray as you would an insecticide.

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    Well the greenest thing to do would be to let the insect live. If you feel you must kill it, then use your foot. No pesticides or electricity needed.

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