Is there a green type of jewelry?



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    There is a lot of jewelry being marketed as green. This can mean different things for different people, but in general “green” jewelry conserves and protects the planet’s limited resources, and is made ethically. Many people avoid so-called “blood” or conflict diamonds for this reason. Jewelry can be made of sustainable materials such as bamboo, hemp, or ceramics. Another way to be green with your accessories is to purchase vintage, used jewelry. Some pieces like engagement rings can be thousands of dollars, but you can find funky, inexpensive pieces as well–all of which are green since they are used.

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    When buying jewelry make sure that the jewels are sourced ethically. Also, purchasing secondhand jewelry is a way to cut down on production and consumption. Brilliant Earth makes gorgeous jewelry that is also eco-friendly. They only use gold that comes from clean mines and their gems are all sourced ethically and without conflict. They have the most attractive higher-end eco-friendly jewelry I’ve ever seen.

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