Is there green surf wax?



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    Yes. There are several different brands of biodegradable surf wax that are out on the market and a couple that are still trying to gain steam. It is just the same as regular surf wax in quality according to review so it should be fine. Here are a couple of links.

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    Wavetribe sells green surf wax. The wax is considered organic. They say the wax they carry is different from others because it actually works. Wavetribe sells wax for different temperature and a base wax. Everything that wavetribe sells is ecologically friendly, including a bamboo wax comb.

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    Famous sells a green surf wax made out of organic, biodegradable materials.  They sell basecoats and waxes for cool, cold, warm, and tropical temperatures.

    Famous green surf wax is also made in the USA.  Part of the proceeds go to the SIMA Environmental Fund to support clean oceans and beaches.

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