Is there a green living guidebook I can buy?



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    This book I found on Amazon has been a wonderful and insightful guide to how to “live lightly”

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    One book that I would very highly recommend is the Better World Shopping Guide.  It is a little book you can put in your pocket, alphabetized by subject, and very easy to reference, from everything to peanut butter to baby powder to airlines.  It was written by a sociologist who has examined how products and different companies affect the world, socially and environmentally, with ongoing research for 15 eyars.  It is a great book for the aware and eco-friendly consumer.

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      I could not agree more. I absolutely love this book; it is my guide to life. I do not know how I lived before I knew of Ellis Jones. I cannot rave enough about his research and dedication and passion. The book is a must for people concerned about the environment, the treatment of animals and the treatment of people. He rates things from A to F, C being a gray zone of potentially not knowing one way or another, but you at least know the best option (As) and the companies /corporations to avoid and why.
      He gives you some reasons for certain corporations as to why they rate highly or why so low.
      I have learned a lot from this book. Companies that you thought were Eco-friendly and good turn out to be green-washers sometimes and other companies are so modest that you would never know they are green and awesome. ABSOLUTE MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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