Is there a good waterproof adhesive?

I just got some cool LED lights for my aquarium in a submersible, flexible strip and I want to secure it inside the tank somewhere. Duct tape failed. I would tie it with string or wire, but I don’t have anything to tie it to. I’ve been thinking some kind of glue might do the trick, but I don’t have anything good on-hand and I if I am going to go out and buy something, I would like it to be eco-friendly. Any ideas?



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    Go with tried-and-true silicone aquarium sealer.

    I don’t think you should attempt to emphasize some general abstract concept of eco-friendly here, because such a small amount of adhesive will be used, and you need to protect your investment in your fish. They have an ecological value, too. You paid for them, and you’ve spent considerable electricity keeping them alive. For them to die would be the worst outcome.

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