Is there a good comprehensive guide that tells you how to pick the best produce at the grocery store based on color/hardness?

There are a lot of fruits I have never tried (star fruit, for example) but I don’t want to spend the money and pick one that is bad or unripe. I also have a hard time picking out peaches and mangoes…



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    And don’t forget smell! In fact, depending on the produce, there are lots of tips and tricks to identify the good ones.

    A) Shop in a good quality store, especially if you are just trying something for the first time. Ask the opinion of the person handling the produce. They often like to talk about their merchandise.

    B) Buy things in season. They are usually better quality and cheaper.

    C) Use the store’s guide to buying, if they keep one in the aisle. The ones I’ve seen are quite helpful.

    D) Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins’ “The New Basic Cookbook” has descriptions of how to buy papaya and other food items. Here’s part of their description of Star Fruit, “You will find two varieties at the market–sweet and tart. They should be labeled. The sweet carambola can be eaten out of hand; it is very juicy and crisp and tastes like a most refreshing plum. The tart fruit can be used as you would a lemon.” (The Papaya description is twice as long and more specific, probably because more people buy it.)

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