Is there a global water shortage?



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    Good question, Abram.  Water shortages are currently more of a local issue, as many people still have plenty of water, but with booming populations and the effects of global warming , we have to start thinking about our water footprints, not just our carbon footprints.  If we do not start to use our water sources more efficiently, then global water shortage will be an issue in the coming decades.

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    Because most of us at home have seemingly unlimited running water from the tap, toilet, and shower, as well as a lot of rain (Pac-Nor shout-out), we believe the illusion that there is an abundance of water.  Actually, about 80 countries have water shortages that affect the health of the people and their economies.  Even worse, about 40% of the world has no access to clean water.  That’s over 2 billion people.  The primary causes are that the population of the world keeps growing, and as standards of living have risen, the demand for more water has grown excessive.

    As a result, aquatic ecosystems and their dependent species are being affected, making it difficult for natural environmental regulators to keep a balance. 

    Some experts have noted that the impending water crisis might have similar effects as the oil conflicts of the 20th century, but some measures are being taken to curb the shortage.  The best thing we can do is water conservation at home. 


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    There is not a global water shortage per se, but rather a global problem of water distribution (in the same way that the world has no shortage of food, but rather areas of the world lack access to the supply of food).  The issue is with water shortages at a local level, where an area with high demand for water has an inadequate supply to meet it.  The best solutions to the local shortage problems are good water management practices, such as conservation and smart water policy.

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