is there a federal tax credit for residential installation of artificial turf ?



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    Unsure if there is a federal tax credit but certain states do offer tax credits for installation of artificial grass. California, Nevada and Arizona have several active and pending rebate programs. 

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    I was unable to find any federal programs for residential tax incentives, but some states do offer tax rebates for installing artificial turf in residential areas.  The majority of these states are ones which are likely to suffer from droughts, such as California, Arizona, and Nevada.  There are also rebates at the county level.  For example, Los Angeles County Waterworks is offering thirty cents per square foot, or $150 for 500 square feet toward purchase and installation of a new faux lawn.  Even if you do find local tax incentives, be sure to check with your home owner’s association before forking out the cash for your new eco-friendly lawn.  Many home owners associations still have rules in effect that prohibit the use of artificial lawns in front yards.  In California, several bills have been presented that would make it illegal for these associations to tell you that you can’t have an artificial lawn, but even as recently as April 2011, these bills have been vetoed by the State Government.

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