Is there evidence to suggest that cell phones are bad for health?



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    There is evidence that a cell phone emits electromagnetic radiation as do power lines. In the United States this cannot exceed 1.6 and many of todays phone are just under the limit.

    However there is no conclusive evidence that there is an increased risk of cancers of the brain like brain tumor—glioma and meningioma on a study that was administered in 2010. In the same study there was an increase in brain cancer in a few patients which spent an excessive amount of time on the phone however not enough to cause great alarm.

    My advice, text or speak on a hands free device to erase all doubt.

    The second link below is a list of high radiation emitting phones. This link is a list of the lowest emitting phones. Enjoy:

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    Below is a like on what the FDA says about the radofrequency energy emitted by cell phones, primarily that is not to be confused with the effects of electromagnetic energy which can cause tissue damage by ionizing particles at high levels. Ionizing particles is what causes genetic damage in calls. Studies are inconclusive as to any ionizing effects of radiofrequency energy on cells, though they have been shown to raise temperatures, and this can cause tissue damage. Especially vulnerable are the eyes and genitals.

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    yes and no cellphone radiation can hurt you if used for to long and no sometimes most of the problems is overuse everything in moderaton right

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    A new study has shown that cell phone use changes brain activity.  The research showed that people holding a phone to their ear for 50 minute periods saw an increase in brain glucose metabolism.  The study was not able to determine yet, whether there could be long-term damage, such as cancer from cell phone use. 

    I think the best recomendation is to use them in moderation and use a hands free device, text or use a corded phone for long calls.  

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