Is there evidence to indicate genetically modified foods are harmful?



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    Studies have suggested that there are detrimental effects to genetically modified (GM) foods.  The following are the shown negatives of ingesting GM foods:

    Food Allergies: Food allergies occur when an immune response is triggered by proteins that enter the body.  Because genetically modified foods are a new product that is being introduced into the body, the risk is high (and shown in lab conditions) that humans may be susceptible to food allergies brought on by GM foods.

    Increased Toxicity: The insertion of exotic genes into plants, which already carry low levels of toxicity, can increase the toxicity and make the products more harmful to humans.

    Decreased Nutritional Value: Some of the genes inserted into GM foods bind to minerals and nutrients, which no longer makes them beneficial to humans.

    Antibiotic Resistance: As more bacteria become immune to the antibiotics introduced into GM foods, higher doses of antibiotics are being put into GM foods to ward off bacteria.  The high levels of antibiotics could be harmful to humans and reduce the effects of antibiotics used clinically.

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