Is there an environmental impact of stress?



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    It seems likely that there would be. When we are under duress it can be more difficult to see things clearly or to make rational decisions. Stress can suck the energy out of you. This makes it easier to get a cab instead of cycling, or throwing something away instead of finding a recycling bin. It would be interesting to see how potential data would actually line up on a graph.

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    UrbanUrsine provided a great link about the effects of stress on humans. Stress can affect animals as well. Habitat destruction, noise pollution, light pollution, and other things can cause animals to change their behavior. This is often apparent in mating behavior. When animals have trouble mating, their species may disappear more rapidly. Even if they technically have enough habitat to support their species, their frequent interactions with humans may prevent them from carrying out their natural behavior.

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    I find that when I’m stressed with work or school, I tend to have less energy for other things, such as recycling. I still try to make the effort to recycle, but there are some situations where I simply don’t have time. My passion is the environment, as well as activities revolving around it, so when I’m not stressed I partake in green living. 

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