Is there an environmental equivalent of Smokey Bear yet, one that the government endorses (not Captain Planet)?



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    Perhaps his closest environmental counterpart would be Woodsy Owl. He is best known for his catchphrase, “Give a hoot – Don’t pollute!”. He was introduced in the 1970s. Though he has somewhat fallen from public favor, the Forest Service continues to use his likeness to raise awareness. His new motto is “Lend a hand -care for the land!”.

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    Recycle Rex from 1993 was a dinosaur PSA that ran reduce, reuse, recycle messages during Saturday morning cartoon blocks. He is still around, and is currently the spokesdino for CalRecycle. His homepage his attached.

    On a personal note, he not only taught me how to recycle, but also how to be a rapping dinosaur, and wear my baseball cap backwards.

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