is there an edible type of aloe Vera?



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    While Aloe vera is most commonly used medicinally as a topical treatment for skin problems, it has also historically been used internally to treat digestive issues such as constipation.  Aloe produces a clear gel from inside the leaf, and a yellow latex from under the skin of the leaf.  The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database lists the gel as “Possibly Safe” when taken internally by adults, while the latex is considered “Possibly Unsafe” to take internally, and “Likely Unsafe” when taken internally in high doses.  Of note, the FDA removed laxatives containing aloe latex in 2002. 

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    The translucent fluid inside an aloe vera leaf is in fact edible if the fluid is sliced and scraped out properly. There is also a bitter green liquid near the surface of the leaf that you should avoid. When eaten, it can help improve kidney and liver function as well as reduce the symptoms of arthritis and digestive disorders. It is not recommended for pregnant women to eat it, as it may cause contractions.

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      “1Helpful”This is very true and people should be encouraged to use it. Furthermore, no side effect has been established yet. Bravo aloe vera!

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