Is there an Economic benefit to cutting carbon emissions?



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    There is an economic benefit to cutting carbon emissions.It has been said “sustainability could ease the effects of the financial crisis locally.” Local producers who make greener business practices could see increased financial growth. For more information refer to the article in the citation field.

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    It really depends on how exactly the carbon is cut. On one hand, cutting carbon by conserving energy definitely results in an economic benefit – you will see an immediate cost reduction in your energy bill. Investing in energy efficient appliances and weatherization will have an upfront cost, but will pay for itself and more over time via a decreased energy bill. But if you choose to directly buy renewable energy sources like solar or wind, you will have to pay more, as they are currently not cost competitive with coal in most areas. Nevertheless, investing in a reduction of emissions is unquestionably good for the environment and overall may well save you money as well.

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